The Low-Wide Hair Interceptor

The Low-Wide Hair Interceptor

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The low-profiled J-trap still provides excellent drainage for tubs that are lower to the floor and cannot fit a standard P-trap.  This larger, all-stainless steel strainer can handle larger hair, fur, and debris volumes. Protects and keeps your septic or public water systems running smoothly. This system provides easy access to the low-wide cylinder and allows you to remove the fur from the top inside area of your bathing tub. The strainer basket unit can be easily emptied in a flash from inside the tub without tools and buckets.

Meets IAMPA plumbing codes for the USA. It is made in the USA.

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• Stainless steel animal baths and wet tables: 10 Years Warranty for leakage and rust.
• Stainless steel Grooming tables: 10 Years Warranty for rust.
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