PetLift Professional Veterinary & Grooming Cage Banks - 9 Units

Professional Veterinary & Grooming Cage Banks - 9 Units


Product Weight : 285.0 lb


  • Heavy-duty welded hinges
  • Removable doors for cleaning
  • All stainless steel hardware throughout cages
  • Advanced latching system allows for single-handed opening and closing
  • Heavy-duty 1/2" thick latch for maximum security
  • Lock hole
  • Fully-laminated inside, outside, tops and backs
  • Stainless steel moldings, fully lined bottom, sides, and backs for easy cleaning
  • Double walls between all cages provide 1½" of solid construction
  • Large 4" heavy-duty casters rotate 360°
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All Petlift cages are constructed with ¾" moisture-resistant plywood with high-pressure laminate inside and out. All are furnished on mobile platforms with heavy-duty 4” casters. Tray liners are sold separately.

Plywood Advantage

Particle board tends to be the dominant choice for many who manufacture cabinets and grooming tops. It’s the economical option: cheaper, denser, and uniform. However, particle board is prone to expansion due to moisture, resulting in delimitation of the laminated surface. This makes it less than ideal for wet areas such as cages and exam, wet or grooming tables. And particle board also generally lacks structural strength.

That’s why PetLift builds all of our cabinets and exam tops with a higher-quality plywood board. Opposed to particle boards created from wood chips or fiber, plywood is made of thin hardwood layers that are extremely moisture tolerant. Plywood will not soak up water and swell, making it less susceptible to water damage.

Each layer of wood is also laid with the grain running in a different direction, lending exceptional strength.


9 cage units (3 x 3)

6' Cage Assembly: 9 Laminated Cages - 3 Rows.
Dimensions w/ Casters: 71" W x 73" H x 24" D.
Three Rows: (3) Cages - 24" W x 22" H x 24" D.

9 cage units (rows of 4, 3 and 2 cages)

6' Cage Assembly: 9 Laminated Cages-3 Rows.
Dimensions w/ Casters: 72” W x 75” H x 24” D.
Top Row: (4) Cabinets - 18" W x 18" H x24" D.
Middle Row: (3) Cages - 24" W x 22" H x 24" D.
Bottom Row: (2) Cages - 36" W x 30" H x 24" D.

Petlift warrants to original buyer its products to be made of the finest quality materials free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and to perform the service for which they were intended in a thoroughly reliable and efficient manner, when properly installed, maintained and cared for.

• Stainless steel animal baths and wet tables: 10 Years Warranty for leakage and rust.
• Stainless steel Grooming tables: 10 Years Warranty for rust.
• Table frames on all electric and hydraulics: 5 Year Warranty
• Table tops: 1 Year Warranty,
• Hydraulic pumps and electric components: 2 Year Warranty
• Cages: 2 Year Warranty

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