PetLift Metal Sprayer & Hose Assembly

Metal Sprayer & Hose Assembly

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Contoured for a non-slip grip and comfort. Both nozzle shapes make storage easy. The "S" Style Nozzle has a thumb flow control knob for ease of use and watering flexibility. Meanwhile, the "T" Style Nozzle has an easy on/off switch that keeps water and temperature constant. Both nozzles were designed to fit comfortably in your hand reducing fatigue from long hours of use.

You can choose from 7 spray patterns according to your needs, including jet, full, flat, cone, center, shower and mist spray modes. Comes with a soft-touch dial guard or switcher to select and change spray patterns easily, even when wet.

Both models are made with a non-corrosive exterior that ensures strength and durability for an extended life.

    Metal Sprayer & Hose Assembly with "S" Style Nozzle
    • 7 spray patterns
    • D-ring shape
    • Thumb flow control

    Metal Sprayer & Hose Assembly with "T" Style Nozzle
    • Switcher on/off
    • 7 spray patterns

    Petlift warrants to the original buyer its products to be made of the finest quality materials free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and to perform the service for which they were intended in a thoroughly reliable and efficient manner when properly installed, maintained, and cared for.

    • Stainless steel animal baths and wet tables: 10 Years Warranty for leakage and rust.
    • Stainless steel Grooming tables: 10 Years Warranty for rust.
    • Table frames on all electric and hydraulics: 5 Year Warranty
    • Table tops: 1 Year Warranty,
    • Hydraulic pumps and electric components: 2 Year Warranty
    • Cages: 2 Year Warranty

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